Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: January Edition

Here's a list of books I can't wait to get my hands on come January

Prodigy: sequel to Legend, which I loved. I actually have a copy and am halfway through it and it's AMAZING!
Nobody: Love Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Teen Assassins! and plus that cover!

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover: Love Sarah MacLean and this series! Can't wait to read more
When Summer Comes: End of the trilogy set in Whiskey Creek - really enjoying these books

Cinders & Sapphires - historical fiction from theabout a maid and her mistress, which looks perfect for the Downton Abbey fan. 
Prophecy: One warrior (a girl) might be the only person standing guard against a prince who could be the key to saving the world.


Gates of Paradise: The 7th book and the final book in the Blue Bloods series!
Essence: I really liked the Pledge and so looking forward to more in the series!

Level 2: Suspended between death and life, Felicia might have learned a way to get her old life back - including the boy she loves. I just got a copy of this one and I'm excited to start reading it.
Falling For You: Rae wants a love that's pure and string, but it's not the love she gets. She has to learn to fight for what she deserves or give in. I love Lisa Schroeder's books!

Crash: Jules has a repeating vision that she sees and she knows it's up to hear to stop it from becoming reality - to stop if from hurting the ones she loves. A new series that sounds like Wake - I can't wait! 
Dead and Buried: Although I'm sad about the cover change, I'm looking forward to this haunted house read with a buried mystery. I just hope it isn't too scary for me!

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Jessica said...

AH! So many good books in January! I can't wait for The Essence and The Dead and Buried!!