Monday, November 12, 2012

From St. Louis into Action

Last week, I was in St. Louis for the YA Lit Symposium. Afterwards I was on vacation, reading, writing, and relaxing. The relaxation was great, except that part of me was itching to get back to work and start putting ideas into action. As it was, I settled for making a

To-Do List
  1. Host a fan art night - where teens showcase their fan art and then create more
  2. Create a What are you Reading Board (see photo below)
  3. Look at sample enhanced books on Overdrive 
  4. Play with Prezi and other technology programs
  5. Work to become more involved with YALSA
  6. Take a deeper look at my collection and make book lists
  7. Attend the 2014 conference in Austin, Texas
  8. Ask my teens about fan fiction - I haven't heard them talk about it, but that doesn't mean they're not participating in any communities
  9. Take a look at the #yalit12 on twitter to read about the programs I missed while attending the awesome ones I did. 
  10. Try to do more passive programs surrounding pop culture
  11. Try to add more to my review: Similar Reads or For Fans of, try not to say "a great boy book" but instead "great for readers who like...", and try to combine the personal reasons of why I liked the book with critical analysis of the book. Basically, I need to make my reviews more well rounded. And of course, share my reviews with publishers/authors. 
  12. Comment more on blogs. I've been slacking on this lately, but I need to start commenting again. 
  13. Take another look at my Jane Austen inspired fan fiction and start working on it again. 

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Unknown said...

Good for you for posting your to-do list, it helped me remember some of the things I haven't gotten to on my own since coming back from the YA Lit Symposium. I got around to going through all the Twitter feeds last week, but not much else!

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