Friday, June 12, 2009

Take a Chance on Me

The Carlyles are still trying to find their place in New York. Baby just got back from Spain to find her school once again on the verge of asking her to leave - politely of course. Instead, she's forced to go to therapy to find her inner self. Avery's interning at a posh magazine, where many girls would kill for a position. She's asked to come up with an angel on her frenemy Jack, who's on the fast track to stardom thanks to a giant billboard campaign. Can she back stab her once friend to get make a name for herself? Owen's loving spending time with his new squeeze, but he misses the swim team. Once the guys found out the truth, they've been giving him the cold shoulder. To makes matters worse, his ex-BFF quit the swim team. Did he make the right choice?

The gossip and scandal never stops during the third book in the delicious series. This quick read will leaving you craving more.

Book 4: Love the One You're With comes out in October!

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