Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Girls Bite

In Chicago, the vampires outed themselves. Although they'd been living among humans for years, they decided it was time to let the truth be known. Vampires belong to houses, similar to a sorority/fraternity. Each house has a master, deciding everything for his/her house. Life afterwards stays peaceful - until one night a graduate student was attacked on campus. Merit became a vampire without giving consent after a rogue vampire ripped out her throat. She's not adjusting well to her new life. Now she has ten days to learn the rules of the vampire world and swear an oath to her new master. Merit doesn't want to play by the rules, but she might have no choice in the matter. When a body turns up, both worlds, human and vampire, begin to talk. A rogue vampire is killing girls - girls who look a lot like Merit. She has to watch her back, but how can she when she doesn't know whom to trust?

Chloe Neill sinks her teeth into a new series that will attract both teen and adult readers alike. The CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES series starts with a bang and leaves you anxious for more.

Reviewed for, where it won the

I'm eagerly waiting the next book (out in October)

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