Monday, June 29, 2009

Royal Blood (from

Raven and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, have had the perfect summer. With fall comes the beginning of school and the ending of their nights together.
The arrival of Alexander’s parents makes things worse. While they’re seen all over town, Alexander waits to introduce Raven to his parents, making her feel both neglected and hurt. However, once they meet, she adores his parents and they seem to like her. Before long, Raven’s family and Alexander’s family start socializing – with Raven and Alexander on hand to make sure Raven’s parents don’t discover the truth. But Alexander’s parents didn’t come to town to visit, they came to sell the mansion and take their son back to Europe with them. When the devastating news hits the couple, they vow to stop the sale.

ROYAL BLOOD continues with the romantic vampire saga of Raven and Alexander in a Gothic tale of love, loss, and friendship.

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