Monday, June 1, 2009

Book Expo America Round Up

I love BEA for many reasons
1) Meeting authors - both new and those I love
2) Knowing what's coming out soonish
3) Getting ARCs
4) Talking about Books
5) The energy that comes from being around books all day

This year was no different (sure there were less ARCs - but that made the ones there special)
I met some very cool authors (I tend to be a bit of a fangirl at these events)

Sarah MacLean - who I saw right when I got into the building. She wrote The Season (excellent regency romance for teens)

Jeanine Le Ny - who I stopped right in the middle of the floor, but who was really nice about it. She was chatting with Judy Goldschmidt

I saw Mari Mancusi and David Levithan - but didn't stop them though looking back, I should have. Plus I saw Jennifer Lynn Barnes (most likely with a group of authors) but she was too quick for me to catch her.

I stood in line to see Meg Cabot and Aimee Friedman (love them both and have met them before - still great)
Then I met Melissa Marr and Cinda Williams Chima. I wanted to catch Lisa Ann Sandell, but she was out sick.

I scored some awesome books - and missed some awesome books.

There were tons of authors that twittered about being at BEA that I didn't see. There's always books and people that I miss, but it's always great fun too!
I'm already looking forward to next year.

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Summer said...

sounds fun. I hope you'll be reviewing your ARCs!