Thursday, June 25, 2009

Academy 7

Aerin's father just died, leaving her alone in the world. She tries to steer his airship to his final destination, but the ship is hurting. It might not survive. When she's rescued and brought into the republic, she's given a test to take. This test will place her into the school system. With her brains, she's been placed in the very best school. She feels out of place and desperate to hide her true self for fear of being expelled. On the first day, she figures out how to bypass the security codes and lets a boy in on the process. Dane's used that knowledge in a secret attempt to get himself expelled so his father can't force him to leave unjustly. Instead, his plan backfires and both of them get hauled in for questioning. Their punishment: manual labor. At first, Aerin's so angry at Dane, she doesn't talk to him. Each day they debate each other in class and for the best class rank. Finally, after weeks of working together in silence, she begins to crack. Soon, they've become friends, studying together and sharing bits and pieces of their life stories. But neither is willing to let the other in on the secrets from their past. Could their secrets tear them apart or bring them closer together?

Osterlund strikes again with a highly entertaining and heavy sci-fi book. The uncovering of both secrets engages the reader as does the blossoming friendship and romance between the two characters. I also liked how both Aerin's and Dane's perspectives. While I love the cover, in no way does it have a connection to the book - mainly because there's nothing to suggest the science fiction aspect of the story. Anne Osterlund captures me with her writing. I simply adore her books.

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