Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiss of Life

Phoebe's trying to adjust to life after Adam's death - and zombie return. She doesn't really know how to act around him, but she tries desperately to make him happy. He's having a hard time getting back his range of movements and talking normally again. Still, she wants to be there. Adam thinks differently, he wants her to live again - not to be consumed with the guilt she feels. But he can't find the words to express his thoughts.
Phoebe also feels guilty about Tommy. She knows he still has feelings for her, but she can't even wrap her head around her own emotions. All she knows is that she needs to be strong for Adam. When Tommy decides to leave and trek across the country educating people about zombies, Phoebe knows its for the best but she can't help feeling hurt by his actions. Can she find herself again and still be with Adam?

A love triangle becomes messy with 2 undead boys and one living girl, but it also equals a fabulous zombie romance. But there's much more to this book than romance. People are afraid of the undead and start attacking them. It's starting to happen in Oakville. Tensions are rising and it might be time for the Zombies to fight for their way of life - which makes for an interesting take on prejudice.

Dan Waters was featured in this month's SLJ (School Library Journal) in a freaky article "Blogging from Beyond the Grave". Find out how he does it....


Liyana said...

This sound interesting, kind of like Generation Dead. I'll check that out. (:

Jennifer Rummel said...

It's the sequel to Generation Dead.