Monday, April 13, 2009

Highway to Hell: 5 stars

Maggie and Lisa are doing Spring Break – if only so Maggie can get a newspaper article out of it. On the way there, they run over a dead cow in the middle of the road, which damages the car. The closest town
isn’t too far away, but it’s a town in the middle of nowhere – and it takes some time to get the parts required. While they wait, they discover that something’s not right in the town. Animals are dying…and not naturally. Legend surrounds the town of a creature in history that might be back.
For Maggie and Lisa, fighting demons isn’t new. They begin to investigate. However, not everyone takes kindly to their nosiness and not everyone is willing to talk. Things quickly get worse. Animals aren’t the only ones getting hurt. It’s time to take action, even if it means going against very important people in town. Can Maggie and Lisa survive another fight with demons?

HIGHWAY TO HELL continues the fight of Maggie against demons, with her fabulous sidekick Lisa and her trusty white knight, Justin. The once-again solid friendship between Maggie and Lisa fills the story with tension and humor. This is a fabulous supernatural series that will leave readers wanting more.

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