Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bite Me:

Happy Birthday to me: On my 18th birthday, my little sister sneaked into the back of the truck while I went hunting for vampires. The result? Two angry parents who kicked me out of the house for being a bad influence on sixteen year old Jen. Now I'm on my own with out any idea where to live and no friends. My parents have kept her out of public school because I'm not your average girl. There's a demon inside me that can make me do crazy things, especially around the opposite gender. I mostly keep the demon under control, except for the occasional vampire kill. Not sure where to turn one minute, and the next minute I have a smart mouth hell hound for a friend. Together we decided to forces our way into a special forces police unit interested in taking down vampires. Although I prefer to work alone, the chief sets me up with Dan. He sets me up with a living situation as his sister needs a roommate. I don't need charity, but he seems to want to be friends. If only I can keep my demon side to myself, this could work out. What I don't realize is that while we're trying to take down vamps, my sister has been showing my picture to every vamp in town claiming I'm the next Buffy. It's beginning to get on my nerves - more so when I realize she's moved out of the house and is living with vampires running the blood bank. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I trust the head vampire running the place. We're keeping an eye out on them and making sure nothing happens to Jen. But she's not exactly stepping away from danger. This could get messy....

Parker Blue creates a new vamp book with the kick-butt smart and snarky attitude of Buffy in Val and an awesome side-kick dog who can talk. It's perfect for teens craving more vampire books or those who love dark paranormal tales. And who can resist the title?

Interested? Read Chapter One

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