Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: Wonder Woman

Princess Diana feels like an outsider. She finally has a chance to prove herself, but she spies someone in trouble. Giving up her chance, she rescues the human. Bringing her onto the island causes her people pain. When she realizes what she's done, Diana learn what she must do to reverse her mistake.

Diana and Alia get off the island, but instead of ending up in Greece, the pair end up in New York. For Diana, who's never been outside of her island, the world is very different.

They have a limited time to get to Greece, but Alia isn't convinced of the plan. Until, more people start coming after her and attacking them.

Diana does everything in power to keep Alia safe, but if they don't get to Greece in time, the world could crumble with wars.
My Thoughts: I LOVED this one - for the action, the danger, the loyalty, the awesome female characters kicking butt and taking names. (Let's be honest -mostly for that last part.) I really liked the friendship between Diana and Alia - and the promise they made to each other. I liked the group of friends who traveled with them - and the banter between them.I really loved Nim - and her sense of fashion. I liked the bloodline idea - it reminded me a little bit of the Da Vinci Code. Beside Diana - the rest of the characters are not white. And of course my heart hurt at the one scene, but it eased by the ending. I desperately hope to see these characters again!

Cover Thoughts: Love
Source: My Library
Librarian Recommendation: A must have for school and public libraries! Don't miss this one.

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