Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cozy Review: Grace to the Finish

 * Book 8 in the Manor House Mystery series *
Grace's concerned about her sister exiting jail and reentering society. Now that Grace has become Bennett's heir, she knows that Liza will do everything in her power to get her fair share of the money. Grace's happy to finally convince her Aunt Belinda to come help out with Liza's reentering. But Aunt Belinda has her own view on the sisters' relationship.

With all the family drama, Grace can't wait to move forward with her new business adventure. She's the new silent partner in her roommates' business. They have a new building. But during a walk through, they discover the bank manager at the bottom of the stairs - murdered. Could this halt their project for good?
My Thoughts: I'm sad to see this series end, but I loved hanging out with the characters once again. The solving of the murder was well done, the climax terrifying. I love that the murder brought up romantic drama in Grace's life. I love how Frances tried to manhandle her love life - that made me giggle. I enjoyed the family drama - especially how it ended. I'm happy where the characters left off; the series ended well. 

Cover Thoughts: Amazing
Source: Reviewed for Fresh Fiction
Library Recommendation: Grab this cozy series for your library!

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