Monday, October 9, 2017

Review: Marge in Charge

Jemima and Jake have a new babysitter. When they first meet her, Marge looks - normal and boring. But as soon as the adults leave, she's anything but. Her rainbow hair comes out and she looks younger - much younger.

While the siblings always have a crazy adventure, they still manage to get everything done on the list from their parents - but never in expected way. Because when Marge is in charge, new rules are made.
My Thoughts: The book consists of three short stories that are entertaining and amusing. Marge would be a fun babysitter to have as a kid and you can't help wishing she were your babysitter. I love the crazy wild ideas but also how everything works out. I love relationship between the siblings; it's sweet.

The pictures are fun, capturing the moments. I love how this book started out as bedtime stories for the author. I can see more Marge books in the future. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute - it shows the chaos at times
Source: BEA Arc
Library Recommendations: A cute story that's perfect for kids with big imaginations (aka - everyone). Grab this one. 

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