Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: Dash of Dragon

Lailu graduated as a master chef and finally found someone to back her restaurant. Little does she know that her master made a deal with the devil in order for funding. Now he's come calling and Lailu learns the truth.

If they don't pay  back the loan within a year, they will lose the restaurant and also their freedom. Lailu is not about to let this happen, she'll do anything in power to stop it - even if it means spying for the elves or fighting dragons.

With the help from a friend and one rival, she comes up with a plan to make her restaurant filled with people. She hates depending on her rival for help, but she can't do it without him. Is her pride worth the sacrifice for her future?
My Thoughts: I really loved this book. I loved the banter between Lailu and Greg (her rival). It added humor to the story. I enjoyed the moments between Lailu and her fashion loving friend. I loved the world and understanding the hierarchy. I loved the mystery and the spying (along with with the action and danger of course.) I enjoyed the cooking parts, even if they were dishes I would never eat! I loved Lailu coming up with plans. I really hope there's a sequel in the works! 

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: My Library
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Library Recommendation: Grab this one for your public library and school library! 

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