Friday, October 6, 2017

A Night with Jamie Beck and Before I Knew

I had the pleasure of hosting Jamie Beck at my library for the Connecticut Author Trail program. She was lovely and fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I know Jamie through RWA (Romance Writers of America)

She talked about the difference between straight romance and women's fiction and how she writes a blend of the two. Jamie talked about how she became a writer - through a a job she didn't love and then staying home with the kids.

When she first started writing, she didn't tell anyone. After her first book was rejected, she joined RWA where she learned the craft of writing. Her second book was also rejected, but there was interest in it.

All the advice said to just keep writing, and we're so glad that she did!

The only bad thing about the night (besides the traffic) was that I forgot to snap a picture with Jamie!
Before I Knew is her latest book and the first in a family saga.Colby's mentally ill husband killed himself two years ago and she's still healing from all the pain. He wanted to keep his illness a secret, causing her to lie to her family for years. Now she's trying to start up a restaurant, hoping that a new challenge will bring purpose to her life.

Except the head chef is none other than Alec. Besides being an old family friend, he's also the brother of the man that her husband dared to his death. And the family's been estranged for the last two years.

Guilty about both men's death ate Alec alive, but he's happy to be given another chance. He certainly has ideas for the restaurant. He's also had feeling for Colby that never went away. Can they recapture their easy friendship and maybe even something more?
My Thoughts: I loved this book, I loved the two families torn apart by tragedy coming back together and healing. I loved that Colby was trying something new with her life and trying to make it successful - with the help from her family. Her family added both humor and more drama to the story. I'm looking forward to reading more about them. I enjoyed watching Alec put his life back together - with his ideas for the restaurant and his ideas for his family. I loved watching Alec and Colby become friends again and work together. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the work it takes to create and start up a restaurant. Luckily book 2 comes out early next year!

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: Purchased
Library Recommendation: Public Libraries will want to grab this one! And also invite Jamie to chat at your library.

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