Monday, March 27, 2023

Series Spotlight: Dear Beast

Andy's parents divorce. Andy gets a dog, Beast, at his Dad's house. Simon, the original pet, is NOT happy. Simon tries to get Beast to leave. 

Simon is happy to have Beast be in the pet parade this year instead of him - until he gets jealous. 

The classroom pet is missing - Andy is fighting with his friend about who is to blame. Simon decides he's going to solve the mystery. 

Andy's mom goes away for the week. Simon goes to stay with Andy and Beast - and it doesn't go as Simon planned.

Dear Beast is part of our Easy Chapter collection as it's short (roughly 75 pages) and heavily illustrated. 

It's an adorable epistolary novel series. Beast's letters are playful and full of mis-spelled words. Simon is a grump old curmudgeon. But they both love Andy and want him to be happy. You meet other animals in the neighborhood - Snail (who delivers the mail and may have been a spy), Squirrel, a skunk, a wily crow, an old outdoor tomcat. The illustrations are super cute. This series is perfect for animal lovers! 

A must have series for your library collection! 

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