Thursday, March 2, 2023

Reviews: Children's Biographies

 We have two biography series that are popular at my library - Who Was/Is and She Persisted. With a new book order, a bunch came in. Here are my thoughts:

This was good - I loved how detailed the younger years were and how Maya Lin got her first big break. However, I would have liked more details pictures of her creations after the Vietnam Memorial. That seemed a little glossed over to me. 

This was a great read - not enough time spent on the Celtics (but I'm just picky because I bleed green). I enjoyed how this covered more than just basketball for Shaq. 

I'm a huge fan of Michelangelo's work - he's one of my favorite artists. This is a great biography of his struggles, his art, and politics of the time. 

I really enjoyed getting to know more about Diana Taurasi and her awesome skills at basketball. I only wished I had seen her play in person...

I enjoyed learning more about Alex Trebeck - especially his time before Jeopardy! and the other games he hosted and of course his moment with Queen Elizabeth. 

I confess I didn't know anything about Wilma Mankiller, but know I do! She's an impressive woman who has helped the Cherokee Nation. 

A little look into the life of the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. I enjoyed reading about her moment with Obama. 

* These two series are must have books for your school and public library collections.

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