Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Picture Book Wednesday: Not your Fairy Tales

There are not your average fairy tales...

In this story - there are four little pigs. Their mother sends them out to live their lives. One wants to be a builder, one a star, one a pumpkin, and the fourth a storyteller. 

This is a funny tale that's a little mixed up. It will help if readers know the original tale. I love the illustrations, especially the blueprints. I love the wolf who isn't trying to eat the pigs. I love that each pig has their own personality and hopes and dreams.

Hansel and Gretel get lost in the wood - but in this story they refuse to believe their parents are bad people. Or that the witch isn't a nice lady. It leads to some problems on their end but eventually, they figure everything out.

Another funny mixed-up tale. I love the gingerbread house - who wouldn't want to live there. I like Gretel's feminist touches in this story. And that ending! 

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