Sunday, April 24, 2022

Movie Review: Marry Me

Marry Me is the new Jennifer Lopez movie with Owen Wilson. She discovers her boyfriend was cheating on her moments before they were supposed to get married in front of their fans (they are both singers). Instead, she picks a nice guy out from the crowd and marries him.

Owen Wilson plays a single father working hard to raise his daughter - and teaching math to kids. 

Of course once they're married - they start to get to know each other. Owen Wilsons character begins to understand the fame and the culture around celebrities. While Jennifer Lopez's character begins to enjoy a bit of normal life.

Even though they're technically married - it reminds me a fake dating story. I really enjoyed this morning. I liked both characters and their view into each other's world. I really liked the daughter and the best friend of Owen Wilson's character. And the math moments with the kids were a great touch - they tugged at the heart strings. All in all, a fun enjoyable movie.  


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