Friday, April 1, 2022

Book Lists: Garden Picture Books


Last week we showcased farm picture books, this week it's all about gardens and flowers

This book shares gardening and nature love through poetry.

This isn't your conventional garden book - it's about a man who creates a garden out of rocks and other items that people threw away. Nek Chand's secret project became a garden for India. 

I love how this book talks about healing through art and creating art through various objects. An inspiring tale. 

Lola wants to plant a garden thanks to a nursery rhyme. 

I love that she goes to the library to research flowers. She and her mom have a great time planning and planting the garden. 

A nice thank you to gardens and all the work that gardeners do.

Great illustrations with not many words make this one a great read aloud. 

Dorothy shared her love of gardening with her daughter and her granddaughter, She taught them about growing, finding spaces for yourself, discovering new things, and spending time outdoors. 

The story of the White House Garden created by Michelle Obama. 

I like the message about talking to the experts, gardening with children, and sharing the harvest.

Kiko's garden is ready to be harvested. She gives her father some vegetables. It makes him so happy, she gives food and flowers to her neighbors and brings some into school. 

I do love the question about how the reader is kind. This one does bring up some great subjects for discussion.

It's bedtime and everyone in the garden is getting ready. Lots of good night moments in this fun story. 

This board book is a great introduction to gardening.

The birds are in danger, but this family researches way to make their back yard bird friendly.

This book was so inspiring, I took tips from it!

The garden the two friends planted is being eaten by animals. Can the friends come up with an idea that will keep their food safe? 

A good friendship and problem solving story.

A sweet story about a little girl who loves her neighbor and her neighbor's garden. But one day, Honey has to move and it makes Laurel (the girl) very sad. 

This was a great story with a great ending. Emotions - friendships - Gardens.

During WWII, Diana wants to help out, but she doesn't know how. Finally, she comes up with the idea of a Victory Garden.

Funny but also a sweet story about how to help out. We could still use big ideas today.

Imagination can change the world - or an empty lot into a community garden. And this book is based off a true story. 

 I love how everything comes together and how she leaves her bear to watch over the garden.

Miguel is looking for sunflowers for his party. He searches high and low in the community garden. 

I wish this had more flowers in it, but the illustrations are lovely and the vocabulary is wonderful.

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