Monday, April 15, 2019

Review: Deepest Blue

The Deepest Blue
Mayara's wedding day has arrived. But during the festivities, a storm hits the island. Mayara uses her power to stop the spirits from destroying everyone and everything she loves. In that moment, she reveals herself. Now the Silent Ones have come to take her for testing.

Mayara tries to escape, but eventually she's caught. Now she's fighting for her life and the hope that she can she her husband again. In order to do so, she must survive a month on the island filled with spirits. Whoever survives becomes an heir to the Queen.

Mayara doesn't want to win, but she doesn't want to die either...

My Thoughts: Set in the same world as the Queens of Renthia series, this book takes places on the islands. I really enjoyed this book - for the power struggles, for the rebellion, for the love story, and for the action. I love Mayara's determination and her ability to break all the rules. I loved Kelo's art. I loved their relationship and how they fought to find each other again - one day. Another great addition to this series! 

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Library Recommendation: Grab this book for your public libraries.

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