Friday, April 5, 2019

Middle Grade Review: Dragon Pearl

Dragon Pearl

A government official comes to Min's house and informs her mother that her oldest son has turned traitor and left the cadets. He's now missing.

Min doesn't believe the official. She loses her temper and knocks hi unconscious. She flees her home determined to find her brother and uncover the truth.

She uses her magic, forbidden by her mother, to hep her journey. Nothing goes as planned and she's forced to adapt. Min ends up taking the place of a cadet upon the space ship where her brother lived. Can she uncover the truth without getting caught?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book for so many reasons. I loved Min's big loud family. I loved her relationship with her brother and how she knew him.  I loved the action and the danger. I loved how Min was a clever girl, fast thinker, and admired her ability to adapt. I liked how she tried to assume the identity of a cadet and assimilated into that lifestyle. I liked her friends. The ghosts and the pirates added humor and danger to the story. I love how everything turned out. It doesn't appear that this book has a sequel, but I would love read more about Min and her world. 

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: Book sent for review
Library Recommendation: Grab this one for your school and public libraries - also it's perfect for this year's summer reading theme.

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