Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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We're stopping today at the Grand Canyon.

It's perfect because just about a year ago, I hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim. And it was amazing!

Of course, I would have liked to have read this book before hand to learn all about the history of the canyon. I was surprised by the number of animals we saw - lots of mule deer, including a few fawns.

Where Is the Grand Canyon?

I really enjoyed how this book captured the history of the place - from Teddy Roosevelt to the Native American tribes who live/lived near the canyon to the explorers who shared their knowledge of the land. The illustrations are great, but it's really hard to do any illustration justice of this wonder.  I liked reading more about the wildlife and the geological layers that I saw. I really liked learning more about the river.

What we didn't get to really hike along in the light was the Colorado River - mostly because we got up early to get out before the heat of the sun hit. We were there during a heat wave. Because of the early hour, we did see some bats and lots of moths as they were attracted to the head lamp light. 

I admit I was a little nervous about hiking (and camping) but it wasn't too bad. Although we won't talk about bathrooms.

Here are some photos:
Start of the trip

On the way down

Close to the Cottonwood Camp Ground

Between Cottonwood and Bright Angel Camp Ground
This is call the Box - you don't want to get stuck here between 10 and 2 because it gets SUPER hot

Mule Deer near Bright Angel Campground

The Colorado River - we would hike over the bridge in the dark the next morning.
It was LONG!

The corkscrew in between Bright Angel Campground and Indian Garden

Hiking Out

We made it out!

View from the Top

10 Things You Need for Hiking the Grand Canyon
A Camera
A Hat
Good Hiking Shoes
Someone to Hike with you
Comfortable Shoes.
A Plan

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Jessica said...

It looks like you had a great time on your trip! My Mom and I would both love to visit the Grand Canyon, it's something we've talked about before! :)