Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: Grace Cries Uncle

 * Book 6 in the Manor House Mystery series * 
Grace has finally agreed to DNA testing to prove if she and her boss are in fact related. Since she started work at Marshfield Manor, she's felt a connection to Bennett, but she isn't interested in being his heir. She doesn't want anything to change, but she would like to keep this information private.

With people showing up at the house asking questions, Grace becomes uneasy, especially when one of them turns up murdered behind her house.

So she's thrown for a loop when out of the blue her estrange sister appears on her doorstep. Liza claims that she left Eric (the man who was once engaged to Grace) and needs a place to stay. Grace reluctantly allows her sister to stay with them. Could her sister have something to do with this mess?
My Thoughts: I adore this series. I love the connection between Grace and Bennett. In this addition to the series, I enjoyed getting to know Liza. I was surprised by her and a little stunned by her actions. I hope we get more details in the next book.

I really enjoy the secondary characters - especially Frances (she's smart, sarcastic, almost thoughtful, a gossip, and loyal.) I admit even Hillary is growing on me. 

This book took a turn I didn't expect, which intrigued me all the more. I can't wait to see what happens next and how everything shakes out.

Cover Thoughts: Love this cover!
Source: My Library
Final Thoughts: Another win for Julie Hyzy. I love this series - great characters and enough actin and danger to keep me quickly turning the pages. If you haven't started this series, get on it!

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