Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holiday Review Thursday: Death with All the Trimmings

* Book 5 in the Key West Food Critic Series *
Hayley's doing an in depth article about a famous New York chef (once part of a duo), now opening her own restaurant in Key West.  Unfortunately for Edel Waugh, nothing is going her way. Accidents keep happening in the kitchen. She's asked Hayley to help her determine the source of these incidents in hope that everything will run smoothly on opening night.  But when a fire destroys her kitchen and her ex-husband's found dead on the property, Edel becomes the prime suspect. Can Hayley help her clear her name and get her restaurant back in business?
My Thoughts: I really love this series and this one was especially great. Obviously I love Christmas books (As you can see each week). Although I always want snow on Christmas, Christmas by the water seems really nice. I really liked the idea of a woman chef trying to distance herself from her ex-husband and seeing if she can make it on her own. As always, there's lots of talk about food which makes my mouth water. Hayley deals with a lot in this book in her personal life especially with her very unstable job, her potential romance, and her mother. She handled the drama well and I can't wait to see how it all changes in the next book. 

Upcoming Release: This book will be available December 2nd
Cover Thoughts: LOVE it!
Source: ARC sent for review

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