Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Tour: Last Words

Q and A with the author 
Rich Zahradnik 

         What inspired you to write LAST WORDS?
The story started out as a “what if…?” What if a big-time police reporter were forced to do the dull work of obituaries, always dealing with the dead but never pursuing the why of their deaths.

      The main character, Coleridge Taylor, mentions music often, are you a fan of the same bands Taylor references? What are your top 3 favorite songs from the 60s and 70s?
I like most of what Taylor likes, though found out about a lot of the groups later than he did. I was in high school from 1974-78. My group of friends and I thought we were mired in a musical wasteland, disco on the one side and hair bands (Styx, Foreigner, Kansas) on the other. Punk had not reached Poughkeepsie, so I did not become a fan of that music until I reached college, when I discovered the Talking Heads, the Police, and the Ramones. I also became a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, who was neither punk, nor hair band, just real. My three favorite songs:

1.      Thunder Road
2.      Pyscho Killer
3.      Sweet Jane (with the Intro)

3.      How would you characterize Taylor and Laura’s relationship? What keeps them together through all of the danger they face in LAST WORDS?
I think they are falling for each other in the midst of danger and a mutual love for breaking news. Laura may have the Columbia degree, but she loves Taylor’s street smarts and instincts for getting the story. Whether their work will be enough to keep them together is a question for the next book.

4.      If you could go back in time, when and where would you go? Why?
I’m obsessed with time travel stories. In fact, I’m writing a time travel novel for middle graders. It’s hard to pick one, but if I had to, the time of Christ. His life affected all of Western Civilization, the entire glove. I’d like to see what really happened during that period. Either that or my own childhood, to see everything I’ve forgotten.

Sounds good right?
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Then take a listen:

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Rich Zahradnik said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for hosting a stop on my book tour. I'll check back to see if your readers have questions about the book, writing, mysteries, or life, the universe and everything (okay, not the last part).