Monday, August 8, 2016

VIP Battle of the Bands Blog Tour

Best Boy Bands by Jen Calonita
Author of the VIP series. Battle of the Bands, the second book, is out now.
I loved this book, you can read my review here.
Writing a middle grade series about a girl who gets to go on the road with her favorite boy band when her mom gets a job with them wasn't a stretch for me. It was my life-long dream for me. When I was Mackenzie's age, my bedroom walls were wallpapered with posters of New Kids on the Block. My drawers were filled with NKOTB t-shirts, and my bed had a New Kids comforter and sheet set. My heart though, only belonged to one band member, Joey McIntrye. I slept on a pillowcase with his face on it for years. 

When I grew up and got to interview Joey for my magazine, it was the first time I was ever really starstruck. I could barely speak. All I could think was: "We were imaginary married and now I'm sitting and talking to you." 

I was a bit more composed when I met my second favorite band, 'NSync. I loved getting to hang with the guys backstage before a few concerts to report on the shenanigans for work and I loved their music. Whenever the opportunity came up to do something with 'Nsync, I practically begged to be assigned the gig. I flew to Toronto to interview Joey Fatone and Lass Bass on the set of their movie, interviewed Joey on Broadway and got to hang with all the guys before concerts. 

One of my favorite pictures from my Teen People days is one of me with the guys (I still use it for school visits). If I had to list other bands I loved, none would come close to NKOTB or 'Nsync, but I did like Backstreet Boys, and I routinely run to One Direction tunes. I have a feeling once you fall for a boy band your heart always belongs to them. At least mine does. I can't wait to see which boy band my heart falls for next. 

Do you have a favorite boy band? Let us know in the comments! 

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