Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fall Programs for Teens (8): Food Ideas

I know Summer Reading is starting to wind down. But my head is filled with ideas for fall programs. Fall for my library runs from September thru December. This is my first fall for teen programs at the library, so I'll be doing a mix of old ideas that worked well and new ideas. 
Monster Rice Krispies Treats: a little melting chocolate in different colors, and some edible candy eyes:
Monster Rice Krispies Treats

If you are looking for party or preschool Halloween snacks, this freakishly easy Halloween recipe will have your guests screaming for more. It features crunchy mini twist pretzels that have been dunked in melted dark chocolate (add a little vegetable oil to the chocolate for smoothness) and topped with candy eyeballs. Allow to set for 30 minutes. Open wide!:
Screaming Pretzels
Zombie Gingerbread
How to dry fresh apples in the dehydrator and apple chips recipe. Our favorite snack!:
Apple Crisps

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