Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Usually I don't write about serious issues, but with all the media surrounding 2 very big celebrities, I want to add this because it's IMPORTANT

There's an article on CNN this morning about Domestic Violence/Abusive Relationships and the cycles women go through as they stay in the relationship. It brought up some good points

1. This is every woman's story who's been abused
2. Love DOESN'T hurt

3. If he hits once, it's likely he will hit you again.

This is a serious issue in society that I feel very strongly about. I know that women love their partners and it's hard to break away from the cycle because it's possible that people can change. And I know that it doesn't matter what anyone says, YOU have to be ready to leave and walk away. Talk to your friends or someone you trust if you're going through this. (or call a hotline if you can't/don't want to talk to someone you know)

On the other hand, if someone you know is going through this sort of relationship just be there whenever they need you and help them in whatever way you can. It may take them a long time to leave the relationship, but be patient.

Here's a listing of books that can be found in libraries/bookstores:
Some of them deal with rape and other violent relationships

13 Reasons Why: Jay Asher

Breathing Underwater: Alex Flinn

Claiming Georgia Tate: Gigi Amateau

Dreamland: Sarah Dessen

Every Move: Peter McPhee

Fault Line: Janet Tashjian

Forged by Fire: Sharon M Draper

Freaky Green Eyes: Joyce Carol Oates

Friction: E.R. Frank.

Good Girls: Laura Ruby

Inexcusable: Chris Lynch

Jailbait: Leslea Newman

Past Forgiving: Gloria Miklowitz

Sandpiper: Wittlinger, Ellen.

Speak: Laurie Halse Andersom

Such a Pretty Girl: Laura Weiss

Teach Me: R.A. Nelson

The Facts Speak for Themselves: Brock Cole

Things Change: Patrick Jones

Unexpected Development: Marlene Perez

Watching the Roses: Adele Geras

What Mr. Mattero Did: Priscilla Cummings

Wonder When You’ll Miss Me: Amanda Davis

Nonfiction Titles:

Dating Violence: John Hicks

In Love and Danger: Barrie Levy


National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE(7233)

24/7 (anyone can call for advice/help)


Rape: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) (800) 656-HOPE

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