Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lisa McMann

Cabel dreams horrifying dreams from his past, but he also cares about Janie. She knows this - not because she talks with him as Cabel is a loner - but because she falls into his dreams. Janie's not normal. Somehow, she stumbles into other people's dreams. At first it scares her. She doesn't sleep much a her first slumber party and she tries to get her mother not to fall asleep on the couch. But lately, it's been worse. People are around her are falling asleep and dreaming at school and at her work. She's trying to figure how what's going on, but she doesn't have anyone she can trust. One night at work, a patient dies, but not before Janie discovers her true powers - she's a dream catcher. She has the ability to help people in their dreams - find calmness and uncover hidden truths. Using her dreams, Janie teams up with Cabel and the police dept. to help solve crimes.

It's a romantic thrilled chocked full of danger and tension. A teen at the library recommended this book to me. I took it home and once I opened it, I was hooked. It's so good if should come with a warning: Don't open it if you don't have time to finish it.

Janie and Cabel are trying to find a way for their relationship to work. It's hard keeping it a secret at school, especially when the dreams are getting worse. By now, Janie's learning to control them. She can pull herself out of most dreams, unless their too intense. She can pause and rewind them. All of the dreaming is leaving her exhausted. But there's work to do. An anonymous call to the police dept. leaves them curious about a potential student/teacher relationship. Once again, Janie goes uncover flirting with teachers trying to get a better read on what's lurking beneath the surface. While she knows she's doing something right, hanging out with these teachers makes her skin crawl. Is there something sinister happened here and if so, can Janie find it before she gets in too deep?

The sequel left me breathless. All I can think about it the next book and what it will bring. And mostly how far away Spring 2010 seems (which is when Gone appears). You know it's an addicting series when readers clamor for the next book immediately following the latest. Still...waiting is hard. I finished this book in day, almost late to work because I didn't want to put it down. It's very similar in style to the first book - but the danger is greater and the secrets revealed are much bigger.

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