Friday, March 6, 2009

Inside Girl

Inside Girl begins a new series based on a character from the Insiders, about five guys living in New York as the It boys of the moment. Flan Flood is mostly known for 1) being the sister of Patch Flood- the uber hot boy everyone wants to date - and throws the wildest parties and 2) dating Jonathan while still in middle school. Now she's throwing caution to the wind and wants to be known on her own terms. So she ditches boarding school and enrolls in public school - just down the street. The night before her first day of school, Hollywood's It Girl Sara-Beth Benny begs to crash at her house. Flan agrees without realizes the potential downfalls of this plan. When she makes friends, she can't bring them home with Sara-Beth there, so she starts lying to them. Can Flan even have friend if she spends half her time being herself and the other half lying about her family and her life?

A cute start to a new (5 book) series. Aside from the wild family, Flan could be the girl next door and she's cool enough to be your best friend.

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