Friday, March 27, 2009


Kayla thinks she's stumbled onto a great summer job - with people she connected with last summer. Right now, she's the newbie and can't wait to start pulling her weight. She's hoping to figure out some deep dark issues hidden under the surface about her past - the murder of her parents in the very woods she'll be working in this summer.
She can't help but feel Lucas's eyes on her. She knows that he's older, but she can't help crushing over him anyways. What she doesn't realize, but soon begins to unravel, is that Lucas isn't like other boys. In fact, the townspeople are exactly normal. They mate for life at the age of seventeen - Kayla's birthday marks the beginning of a trip. She has no idea what's going on around her, but with a group of scientists heading into the woods in hopes of catching a legendary werewolf, she's about to find out. What she discovers leaves her as breathless as when she discovers she's head over heels for Lucas.

Moonlight is slightly different than Rachel Hawthorne's other novels. While both have romance, this darker series plays with the supernatural. Werewolves seems to be on the verge of becoming the new vampires in YA Lit. This is not a series to miss. Hawthorne expertly weaves romance with supernatural and cloaks them with danger.

This book is the first of three, but each book centrals on a different girl in the pack. The next book, out in June, will star Lindsey:

And the last, out in August, will star Brittany:

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