Friday, March 20, 2009


Ever blocks out the world with her ipod and her oversized sweatshirts. She doesn't want to let the world in - but she can't control it. Since her near death experience that killed both her parents and her sister, she's been able to hear the world. She's so tired of hearing everything that she barely lets herself live. She adores the talks with her sister's ghost. It makes her feel connected to the past. But everything changes when a boy appears. Everyone at school seems drawn to him, including Ever's best friend. In the beginning, Ever doesn't notice him, but when she finally does, it's a whole new world. Being with Damen makes the rest of world fall away. She craves his presence and attention, but is there something dangerous lurking that he's not sharing? Could her life be in danger?

A great start to a new series that has everyone talking - with good reason. It's the number one book on the NYT best selling list for it's 3rd straight week. It contains the paranormal elements and romance that readers eat up. It's no wonder it's an addicting read. The next book BLUE MOON will be out in August.

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