Saturday, April 20, 2024

Taylor Swift Pop-Up Party Recap

 At work, we've been missing the boat on celebrating Taylor Swift's new albums. But we decided to do a pop-up party (not advertised in our newsletter only on social media and in the library) 

We hosted one for teens and one for kids

Both made friendship bracelets. We had coloring sheets for everyone.

The teens had trivia questions:

What are the names of Taylor Swift's parents?

What was Taylor's job at the Christmas tree farm?

We read this book for the kids:

this is a super cute story with great illustrations! 

The kids had finish the lyrics like this one:

We handed out stickers and bookmarks

How it went:
It went really well - everyone seemed to have a great time. Everyone went home with goodies. We had a mix of people who knew all the trivia and lyrics and people who didn't know too many. I had such a good time. The only complaint was - next time make it longer!

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