Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Picture Book Wednesday: Family Books

A few books about family:

Lily and her mother are moving to Taiwan. Lily isn't happy there. It's not her home. She's so unhappy there. Could she find happiness in another country so far from her own home?

This is an emotional story about a girl coming to term with her new home.

Jin loves his grandmother's cooking. He wants to help cook dinner for their Lunar New Year. When Jin offers to help, his aunties laugh. But his grandmother insists he help her. 

The message of cooking comes for your heart is perfect. A lovely blend of family, cooking, and love, 

Girl Dads are great at so many things - he's serious and tough but also knows about tea parties and dancing. He wears so many hats to support his daughter.

A touching story about Girl Dads and their daughters. 

Grandparents are coming to stay! The kids are excited, but something is very different. Oma is acting strange. 

This is a good introduction to talking about Alzheimer's disease with children. In finding all the items that go missing, the family shares stories. Things might not be the same, but they find joy in the memories and in the present. This is based on one family's experience and contains an author note about the disease and tips for kids. 

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