Friday, February 16, 2024

Picture Book Review: Black History Books

Just a few picture books about Black history.


These books aren't exactly biographies, but we have them in that section in the library. 
Of course, these are wonderful books to read in the eleven other months of the year too.

Victory Hugo Green was a mail carrier who liked to travel - but because of the color of his skin, he wasn't welcome everywhere. That's when he created the Green Book. The Green Book was a book with businesses who were welcoming and friendly to all.

This book shares how basketball became popular with Black men, They created their own spaces as they were not welcome in most basketball areas. Black men started to organize in the early 1900s. They traveled to play each other. Things changed in 1939 when a Black team - The Rens beat an all white team. Ten years later, the NBA was formed and within a year, the teams were integrated. 

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