Sunday, February 18, 2024

Picture Book Review: Black Biographies


Just a few books perfect for Black History Month:

Obviously, these books are perfect all year round. I love reading picture books biographies because I was not familiar with many of these important figures. 

Ernie could speak through his art, but he football gave him a career. He kept sketching, even though his coach wasn't a fan. He became an official artist for the AFL. 

I love that he did both - playing football and creating art. 

Zelda Jackson was an artist who wrote and drew for the Pittsburgh Courier. She created comic strips that pushed boundaries. She used her pen to make statements.

I love how she made her statements in the press. She pushed back on racism and shares hope. 

A biography of the great poet Langston Hughes. I enjoyed learning more about him. My favorite of his poems is Mother to Son. I read that in middle school and it's stayed with me. 

Eunice Johnson grew up with style. She used that love of style to create her own fashion. She and her husband created a magazine - including EBONY. There Eunice used her love of fashion to create fashion spreads and fashion shows. The money raised helped Black organizations and raise awareness. An amazing look at this magnificent woman. 

Toni Morrison listened, learned the stories, and then shared them. I love that she had a library job but got lost in the words of the book and had to get a different job. She wrote her history and the history of her people. She shared her stories. 

Mae Reeves designed and created clothes for her dolls. She traveled North where she learned how to make hats. Black ladies wore hats as a chance to be seen. Mae created those hats; first in another shop and then in her own shop. She had loyal followers who traveled with her when she moved shops. Famous ladies: Marian Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lena Horn all wore her hats. She helped Black organizations and the neighborhoods dream for better places.

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