Thursday, September 29, 2022

Review: Selena + Chef

Ok, this is NOT a movie. Selena + Chef is a cooking show with the amazing Selena Gomez. 

During the pandemic, she decided to learn how to cook and asked famous chefs to teach her via zoom.

This is a promo for the second season.

There are currently four seasons, but I'm hoping there will be more. 

While this is a cooking show, it's also a humanitarian show as the show donates to foundations of the feature chef's choice. It's also pretty funny and sweet. Plus, you get a glimpse into Selena's life.

And there is a Taylor cameo! 

I love Papa and her little sister. They were both sweet and funny. 

I loved the Okie Dokie jar - it's fun to say that. I'm going to start using it....

Since she's learning, of course, Selena makes mistakes. And I love that they keep those in the show. I love that chefs teach her a variety of dishes and use many different ingredients. 

As I'm more into baking than cooking, I found myself picking up some tips that I can't wait to try out.
Also, I have terrible knife skills too and these tips were helpful. 

They had big name chefs (Gordon Ramsey and Rachel Ray) and chefs I wasn't familiar with. 

And yes, I did have my favorite chefs:
Matty Matheson 
Jon and Vinny
Jamie Oliver
Paola Velez

I binged this show and really hope they make more seasons!

I would enjoy Paul Hollywood and a bread making episode....

Have you seen this show? If not, give it a look.

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