Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Signs You're a Book Lover

This week's topic is signs you're a book lover.

If you:

1. You know you librarian by name
2. You read a variety of books
3. You shout about awesome books that everyone else should read
4. You have books stacked all over your house
5. You take pictures of your pets with books
6. If you match your clothes to a book
7. If you've dressed as your favorite book character for Halloween
8. If you read while eating
9. If you ever canceled plans to read more
10. If your friends know not to bother you when your favorite author's newest book comes out.

Congratulations, you're a Book Lover!


P M Prescott said...

I understand every item on your list. Some even match mine. This was a wonderful topic today. https://pmprescott.blogspot.com/2020/03/ttt-033120.html

Lydia said...

Heh, yes, I know my librarians by name.

My TTT .

Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads said...

Yes, yes to pretty much all of these! SO relatable :) I love to read while eating and shout about awesome books and have books stacked all over the house and WILL cancel plans because I'm reading :)

Lectrice Vorace said...

I also read while eating! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday list!