Monday, July 1, 2019

Review: Live and Let Pie

Live and Let Pie (A Bakeshop Mystery, #9)

* Book 9 in the Bakeshop Mystery series *

Jules is still struggling with the renovations for her new addition to the bakery when she witnesses two girls discover an old skull at the lake. This discovery opens a cold missing persons case form the 1960s. The case has connection with several older folks in town - one of which is murdered.

Now Jules can't rest until she helps uncover the truth. The town's gossiping about the victim's plot of land and which group he was going to sell it too. With multiple groups wanting the land, the suspect pool is large. Can Jules help the town once again?
My Thoughts: Another enjoyable read in this mouth-watering series. I loved learning more about the renovation, the town's history, and plans for the future. I'm so curious as to what comes next for Jules and her family. There were some very sweet moments in this book - with Jules and the Professor. I liked the additions to the Torte team. So looking forward to the next book in the series! 

Cover Thoughts: Delicious
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: If you don't have this series already in you're mystery section, you and your patrons are missing out!

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