Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: Journey Across the Hidden Islands

Twin sisters have spent their last year apart, each training for her future. Seika remained in the palace, learning her role as heir of the kingdom while her sister Ji-Lin learned how to become a warrior to protect her sister. In their world, the two must make a journey across the Hidden Islands to reform the bond between the dragon that keeps their world safe. The princesses believe that day will be far in the futures, so they're stunned when their father sends them on their way.

Little prepared for the journey, they arrive at the first island and realize something is amiss. Monsters are attacking the people, who are in hiding. The earth shakes, causing damage. There's something drastically wrong. How are these two Princesses supposed to save the world?
My Thoughts: I adored this book. I felt bad for the sisters first for their separation from each other and their strict lifestyle and then because they were forced into this journey without proper preparations. I love how they started to bond again after so long apart. I adored Alejan (the flying lion). He added humor and bravery into the novel. I loved how these two sisters grew into their positions and how they wanted to change the world. I love that they never stopped trying, even after all the hardships that came their way. A wonderful novel filled with adventure, action, danger, bravery, friendship, humor, and growing up. 

Cover Thoughts:Amazing
Source: ARC sent for review
Library Recommendation: Perfect for both public and school librarians - grab this one.

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