Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: By Your Side

Autumn has big plans for the weekend - they include finally making a certain boy her boyfriend. They do not include being locked in the library for three days without any supplies. With her bag in Jeff's car, Autumn returns to the library to find a bathroom. All her friends believe her to be in a different car and leave without her. Autumn returns from the bathroom to discover no way out.

At first, she thinks she's alone, but then she discovers a classmate there. Only Dax isn't there by accident. Being in the library over the weekend is better than being in his latest foster home. Thankfully, he has supplies because it's cold there and the hunger pains don't go away any time soon.

To pass the time, Autumn and Dax play games, watch TV, and talk. As the weekend progresses, Autumn realizes that everyone's view of the resident bad boy is wrong. Before she knows it, Autumn cares about Dax. But will she revert back to normal once they escape the library and get back to reality?
My Thoughts: Of course, this one grabbed my attention as the characters were stuck in a library. It took me a tiny bit to suspend reality that the doors were locked from the inside too, but I loved the library scenes. I loved exploring the library. I loved the moments uncovering items in the staff room. I really loved the truths shared between Dax and Autumn. And their little moments together. I enjoyed the moments after the library too - even though they both returned to reality, they were still connected in someway. I felt terrible for Autumn as she struggled to find her equilibrium after that weekend with Jeff and his friends. Super cute romance!

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library

Library Recommendation: Who doesn't want a romance about getting locked into the library? Order this one! 

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