Friday, April 21, 2017

Review: My Not So Perfect Life

Katie's dream has been to always live in London. Only once she's arrived, it's not exactly how she pictured it. Her commute is way too long. Her flat is tiny and her flatmates are terrible. She has no money and no friends. But more importantly, her job is a nightmare.

Her boss, while impressive, isn't the best person to work for. She actually forgets that she didn't fire Katie.

Katie's forced to let go of her London dream and return home to her family farm. She lies to her Dad and Stepmother, saying she's taking a sabbatical from work to help them get their business off the ground.

When her former boss comes for a holiday at the farm, this could be Katie's moment to get revenge or get back her dream of living in London.
My Thoughts: It took me a bit to get into this book, but once I did, I really liked it. I wasn't crazy about Demeter at first, but I have to admit she grew on me. I really liked Katie when she wasn't trying to be Cat (a sophisticated London girl) but rather herself. I liked how her confidence grew as she was home on the farm helping out her family. She had great ideas, especially marketing ones. I loved her family - they were sweet and funny. I did like how Katie tried for revenge on her former boss and how she used ploys to manipulate her former boss - but also how that failed. I wasn't expecting that ending, but I loved it. I loved the message that what's on social media is a representation (often misleading) of someone's life and I love how the changed. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Great for public libraries - perfect for their New Adult sections. 

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