Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: Addie Bell's Shortcut to Growing Up

Addie's birthday isn't the day she thought it would be. Instead of feeling more grown-up, she only feels humiliated by all the the events. She can't wait to be sixteen - to wear make-up, have a cell phone, and go out on dates. It's the perfect age.

So when her neighbor gifts her a wishing box, there's only one wish to make.

The next morning when she wakes up, everything is different. Her sister is off to college. She finally got the dog she always wanted. She's super popular at school. She has an amazingly cool wardrobe. But not everything is great. She's missing the last four years of her life. She has lots of questions.

Why isn't she best friends with Grace anymore? Why can't she date the cute boy she likes? Most importantly how did she become this person and can she go back?
My Thoughts: I love Jessica Brody's novels - so I was really looking forward to reading this 13 Going on 30/Big inspired novel. Addie tries desperately to figure out the holes in her life. She has no idea what anyone is talking about, especially her school work. Plus she has no idea how to act around boys or drive her car or feed her dog or put on makeup. All of these little things not only add humor to the story, but they begin to add up making Addie frustrated in her new life. 

I really liked how she tried to piece together what happened with her ex-best friend, starting the night of her 12th birthday. Addie at 16 is a mean girl, but she quickly realizes that's not who she wants to be and she tries to change everything. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: ARC for review
Library Recommendation: Perfect for Middle School collections where everyone's dying to be older, but then you realize it might not be all that's cracked up to be. An entertaining read that will make readers laugh. 

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