Thursday, April 6, 2017

Review: Die for You

After Emma's parents divorced, she moved to be with her father - which meant changing schools. She meets Dillon almost immediately. She's drawn to him and can't believe her good luck when he feels the same way. Now near the end of their senior year, they're planning their futures together.

When an opportunity comes knocking for Emma, she knows she'd be crazy to turn it down. But Dillon isn't excited about her news. It's the first time they fight and it never seems to go away.

How can the person who loves her the most be against her happiness? And more importantly - how can she make it up to him?
My Thoughts: I really wanted to read this book - both because of the author and because of the subject matter. I loved her previous book: Matter of Heart

In many ways, this was a hard book to read because of the subject matter. And there were a few instances where I had to skip paragraphs. But this book was Powerful! And Heart-wrenching. And Honest. 

Before she knows it, Emma's is in an abusive relationship. She knows something isn't quite right. But she's not sure what to do. She dismisses some of Dillon's actions but when push comes to shove, she tries to make things right. I felt terrible for Emma going through this relationship. Dillon saved her, loved her, and manipulated her. But I also admired her at the end. She sought help. She saved herself. 

She had a lot of issues to sort out with her own family being torn apart. And she wasn't the best of friends. She didn't share her life with her sister or her best friend from home. She cut herself off from the rest of the world. 

I really enjoyed Emma's interest in archaeology and Pompeii especially.  I wasn't a fan of the majority of Dillon's friends with the exception of Jace.  I really enjoyed her relationship with her father and how that grew back to normal. 

While this isn't a romance, it ends in a hopeful manner with a thoughtful afterword. 

About an important subject matter, Die for You is a perfect book to pick up, share, and start a conversation. 

Cover Thoughts: Intriguing
Source: Book sent for Review
Fun Fact: There's a blurb on the back that's from my Matter of Heart Review!
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Library Recommendation: A Highly Recommended Purchase for both school and public libraries and hand sell it to teens. This is a must read for teens, especially girls. 

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