Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Inside of Out

The day before their junior year, Daisy's best friend Hannah comes out. Daisy's determined to become the best ally ever. Except the group isn't that welcoming and Hannah doesn't seem all that interested in the group.

But Daisy forces her way in, making a point that sax sex couples should be allowed at homecoming. She's so gung-ho about it that she volunteers to speak at the school board meeting.

After she speaks, a college reporter writes about her. After his article hits, Daisy becomes something of a celebrity. But his article hints that Daisy is gay.

Daisy has a history of not following through on her big plans, but she's sticking to this one. Hannah's not thrilled at the attention nor is her secret girlfriend, Daisy's enemy. But with the spotlight on Daisy and the cause, she's reluctant to share the truth.
My Thoughts: I had a lot of mixed feelings about the book, but I really did enjoy reading it. Many of the choices Daisy made were terrible, but they did come from good intentions and she had the backing of the group. But some of the choices she made had real consequences. I liked her. I liked her banter with Adam. I liked her relationship with her mother. I enjoyed her father. I liked how father came out if his shell a little as Daisy started growing her own backbone. I wasn't a fan of Hannah. I love how things turned out between Daisy and Natalie. I really liked the other members of the LGBTQIAP+  group. I think this book is great for book discussion groups because there's SO much to talk about.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Recommended for YA collections.

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