Monday, October 27, 2014

An end to a trilogy Mortal Heart

* 3rd companion book in the Gave Mercy Trilogy *
Annith watched her two friends and sisters go off on missions while she patiently awaits her turn. Annith's now tired of waiting and wondering when her turn will arrive. When another sister leaves the covenant, who isn't trained as much as herself, Annith's had enough.

She's not an obedient person - someone who can be molded into the perfect person. Her determination won't let this matter lie. Upon learning her fate in the covenant, she strikes out on her own hoping to expose the truth her home and to finally learn some answers.  Does Annith find what she's been seeking all these years?
My Thoughts: I loved this trilogy. It's the perfect blend of historical fiction with romance, friendship, politics, and religion. I can't praise these books enough. For the past three years, they have been in my top picks for the year. Given I read more than 300 books a year, that's huge. Plus all three books are fantastic and each build upon the previous book. I hand these book out whenever I can at the library. I'm sorry to see this trilogy end!

Cover Thoughts Perfect
Source: BEA 2014

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