Sunday, October 26, 2014

Adult Review: Matter of Grave Concern

Abigail doesn't want her father's school - Aldersgate School of Medicine to close because they have no understanding of anatomy. She takes matters into her own hands. Abigail sets up a meeting with a group of grave robbers to secure a body. She's done it before, but this time it goes terrible wrong.

Max's working with Jack Hurstill - digging up bodies and selling them, but he has a secret. He's not about to let anyone ruin his plan, least of all a young girl.  When he helps Jack double cross Abigail, he think he's doing the girl a favor. Of course it backfires on him. Now Max must keep her same from Jack as all costs; he's not having another death on his hands.
My Thoughts: A great historical fiction novel - perfect for the fall.  I liked Abigail - she was sassy, feisty, and determined. She's willing to get her hands dirty for the people she loves. Her quick thinking gets her out of trouble often. I love how she wants to be a surgeon, even though her own father isn't sure this is the best course for her.  I liked Max - he's protective and gentle, but he can be scary when he wants to be.  He's a great flawed hero. It's a fascinating look at history and societal norms that isn't often talked about in books or in history.  

Cover Thoughts: Nice
Source: Sent for Review

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