Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: The Marked - a Talents novel (2)

Dancia chose Delcroix and now she’s being initiated into the Program. She’s the youngest member invited to join the Program. Now that Dancia has taken her vows, she expects to learn more about the Program.

All she discovers is more secrets and more questions she wants answered.

She hates having to keep her training a secret from Hennie and Esther. She doesn’t get to see them much as she spends most of her free time with her hot boyfriend Cam. She misses them.

Danica still gets snarky remarks from Anna, only now they’ve turned a little more threatening. Anna’s convinced that Dancia is in league with rogue cells – kids who were let go from the Program. They’re causing trouble and the Watchers are trying to put a stop to it. Dancia’s just learning about the rogue cells. But there is one things she’s guilty of…Jack’s been calling her. He planting seeds of doubt into her head. Did she really make the right decision when she pledged herself to the Program?

My Thoughts: I really like this series. I love the boarding school atmosphere. I love the questions that pop up in Dancia’s mind. I admit that I’m turning towards liking Cam more than I did in the first book. I’m sorry about Jack because I really was rooting for him in the first book. I loved the parts about Dancia’s training – how they don’t really know what to do, how they don’t know how powerful she might be, and how she’s can manipulate the earth. I love how paranormal powers and boarding school are woven together- it's a winning combination.

Cover Thoughts: I like the new cover look - it's spooky and eerie

Here's the new cover for the first book to match:

Source: From the author – thanks Inara!

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