Friday, November 18, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: Janaury Edition

Sorry - this is a couple days late- I missed the Wednesday post but here are the books coming out in January that I'm looking forward to reading!!!!

Gathering Storm: Great cover with glittering balls, raising the dead, and a the choice between two boys. Goodreads - out January 10th

Try Not to Breathe: This one sounds very emotional. I've heard great things about this author - which makes me want to read her newest book. Goodreads - Out January 19th
Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: An American girl and British boy sit next to each other on a trans-Atlantic flight. Sounds GREAT. Love the British boy and love the short time period within the book. I have a copy of this and clearly need to read it ASAP! Goodreads Out January 2nd Two teens fall in love over the internet. Not on Goodreads yet, but BN
Initiation: I can't wait to read about Lauren's first introduction to CanterWood Crest. I adore this series! Goodreads out January 3rd

Double Feature: I love this tween series and can't wait for more adventures with the twins in Hollywood! Goodreads - out January 3rd

Don't Breath a Word:I really liked the author's debut novel and can't wait to read more about Joy and her struggles as she ends up on the streets. A gritty novel that I'm sure the teens at my library will enjoy. Goodreads January 3rd
Darkness Falls: I really liked the first book in the series, so interested to see how Nastasya and Reyn become and I hope to learn more about her family past. Goodreads -Out January 2nd.

Ditched: A unique prom story about two best friends who decide to go to prom. He ditches her. She wants to find out why - I love books about prom Goodreads Out January 10th
Charmfall - I really like this series, but not as much as I love her adult Chicagoland Vampire series. Still Scout and Lily. Lily goes through a magical blackout - sounds awesome! Goodreads

Jessica Rules the Dark Side: I really liked the first book, interested to see what happens in married life - complete with a murder, imprisonment, and lack of blood. Goodreads - Out January 10th
First Date: LOVE the cover and the premise: Addy's selected for a reality TV show to win and become the prom date of the President's Son. This sounds super cute!! GoodReads out January 10th

Darlings in Love: I loved the first book in this series. Plus romance is in the air with a new boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend, and a potential boyfriend. Goodreads Out January 10th

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